Leftover applications shown in Start Menu


Freshly installed Zorin OS 16 Pro. I removed the applications I don't need after a full installation. This includes FreeCAD, Scribus, etc...

I uninstalled them from the Software store/app. But the leftover icons are still in Start Menu when I go to their category.

How do I completely remove these leftover files or "links" in the Start menu?

OS: Zorin 16 Pro
Motherboard: Asrock X300
CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G
RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 - 3000Mhz
Storage: Samsung P981a 256 GB

Check for any .desktop files for them leftover in either ~/.local/share/applications
or elevate to root

sudo -i



Once removed, the leftover entries in the App menu should be gone.

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I did all the steps above.

FreeCAD, Scribus, etc,... entries specially are not there. Not in /usr/share/applications.

EDIT: I deleted Audacity.desktop and Audacity icon is gone immediately from Start Menu. But for some reasons, these leftover entries are not in the directory you specified.


sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

If they are still stubbornly there, you can use Menu Editor to uncheck those items, removing them from the App Menu.


Menu Editor

Is that the Main Menu inside Start Menu? I found a whole list of category. I can uncheck or delete the applications.

I think you found the solution. Thank you so much!

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