Lenovo Edge 15 Zorin 17 (BCM4352 Adapter)

I have a Broadcom BCM4352 wifi adapter and when using the Live USB it is detected and works fine, but after install (Dual Boot, made a new partition on sda8) it doesn't activate.

When trying to enable it in the additional drivers menu I get an error about having no internet connection. When I try to install it via terminal after downloading the bcmwl source package I get dependency errors like dkms, linux-libc-dev and libc6-dev.

I guess I'll download some of those but I suspect there may be dependencies for those etc. So, considering I used the "download and include updates" option when installing or whatever, it seems like there may be an issue with the installer not including these packages like it should. Would anybody know of a way to force the (OS) install to work properly or conversely to install the needed dependencies from the Live USB into the installed OS?

Also, I don't think this is related but in case it is I will add that there seems to be a bootloader issue where I can't see the grub menu but I can select Windows (down arrow + enter) or let Zorin boot. I did have lickgrub and puppy linux on the same drive and can't access that either. To boot the live USB I have to use advanced startup options in Windows 10. Before I installed I could just hit Esc at lick and get a grub minimal command line, type exit, and then I could select boot drives. I'm afraid to try to use the boot repair when it boots for now and I don't wanna fix what isn't broken :smiley:


Here's something that worked on Mint but not sure it will work with Zorin. I had similar issues when I installed Mint a few years back on both an Apple Mac-book Air and Toshiba Satellite laptop. Mint's driver manager would instruct you to insert the USB used for installation to find the driver. I installed the USB and Mint found the driver pre-loaded on the USB. Not sure if Zorin works the same way. Others will tell you some command line input but I don't know much about all the commands since I don't need them. Hopefully that can help or someone can provide the terminal commands.

This is an old askubuntu thread but may still well be relevant:

Yes, the commands should work. The problem is that Broadcom considers its drivers proprietary. So Zorin OS cannot include them by default even though the user can install them right after.
Which is why the LiveUSB can work, but a bare metal install does not.

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Like I said, I already followed those instructions to get bcmwl-kernel-source. I just grabbed the other dependencies from the live usb but it didn't work until I found a barely working cable and used used that as per Harvey's suggestion. Thanks :+1:


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