Lenovo Helix reattach base (keyboard and trackpad) half works


I am having another issue with Zorin OS (Or any other OS) on my Lenovo Thinkpad Helix, if I disconnect the screen from the track pad and keyboard (Surface style) the trackpad does not come back until I reboot but the keyboard will work.

Any clue ?

Don't think it will help the Zorin situation but apparently there are packages and commands needed to get the hardware to work with Arch Linux:


Thanks for the link, upon investigating that link and comparing with the configuration on Zorin 16, those packages are already all installed and the the latest.

This means it should have no issue at all.

Touch is working, stylus is working and trackpad too but once I disconnect the screen from the base (keyboard + trackpad) in tablet mode it will continue to work but once put back on the base it will not detect the trackpad. The keyboard will work though.

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