Lenovo is a lousy company

I bought lenovo gpu and not screen on desktop.
Black screen, cannot going to any menu bios or anything.
China poor a company. Selling from market online. Don't recommend. I am very upset when you paying for things what not working. I have feelings something what was builder to 2015 was good. Now everything is most a trash because mostly everything going fast broken after some days warranty.
I remember it was some movie example about printers why they always start broken because in chip was software after 5 years they start working like a broken.

Lenovo used to be pretty good with Linux... but this has changed in the last three years...

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Ok. I mean i don't bought used or chinesse some aliexpress but from scandinavian market. Ok it was newer only display port bought a cable. Hama a cable Germany company but i don't think so it is a cable problem. The gpu fan working but nothing errors then i thinking this is a problem a gpu. tested on another cpu and operating system no screen. In this price could be bought used and maybe will be better working. Lottery on market bussiness now.

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Changed from Hardware Support to Chat.

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Cable Hama working, then it must be a graphic card gpu.
Warning this model Lenovo-GeForce-GT-730-2GB-GDDR5-RAM made in China like everything :rofl:

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