Lenovo screen stuck

Lenovo laptop is stuck on this page. THE zorin os doesn't load untill I go to bios and return back

What about disabling the Lenovo logo?

I able to boot up but the browsers the entire things doesn't work properly

You mean that you can't even switch to other BIOS sections or select anything there? Like if the keyboard doesn't work? Basically on the BIOS you need arrows, Enter and Esc. My idea is to disable the computer brand logo to let the computer go straight to loading Zorin OS, that's it :grin:.

But after booting zorin os , in the os the things doesn't work properly

So by what I understand, beyond this initial problem with the computer brand logo (that you can skip as you described on your first post), you're having troubles on other things once Zorin OS has loaded? If so, you could first ask help for the computer brand logo issue and then another post for the other issues. What are the things that aren't working properly?

Like after. Opening an application, then I can't close that. Keyboard stopped working in application. Browser tabs are not opening. The problem occurs in every applications. Even I can't install new apps so that I can make my usb bootable to boot fedora . Nothing happens. Sometimes this problem disappears but come back after a while.

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This is a problem I have, too, sometimes Updates Manager and ImageMagick don't close despite I smash the 🗙 button repeatedly :laughing:.

You didn't specify the application to have at least a clue (maybe a yet reported bug for it). To me has happened yet 3 times on Firefox, writing in 1 or different writing fields for a certain time (from about half an hour to 1 hour, I never looked at the clock :grin:) causes Firefox to stop detecting my keyboard and also stops responding to any input until it requires a force-close.

This is weird, I never had this issue :thinking::person_shrugging:.

@anon6471198 and @Aravisian, do you think that sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop would work? Looks like that arpon050 is having a certain range of issues scattered around the OS and I see that this command was proposed by you on different posts for different issues.

@Aravisian ?

Reinstalling the Desktop may work if the install was corrupted.

There are several things that can cause this type of situation:

  • Kernel irregularities: If @arpon050 has a very new computer with the latest hardware that needs a later kernel for support OR if the kernel install was corrupted
  • Graphics issues: If the wrong driver is assigned to the graphics
  • Corrupted install: if the install was broken, many odd symptoms may show up. Usually a fresh reinstall of the O.S. will solve this.
    Some users may have more luck by checking or unchecking the option for connecting to network and installing Third Party Drivers at the installation screen when installing the O.S.
  • Having Secure Boot or Fast Boot enabled. These are for Windows O.S. and having them enabled can potentially cause disruptions in GnuLinux.
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