Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano

I was wondering how well Zorin OS runs on the X1 Nano? Does anybody have any experience?
The X1 Nano does ship with Ubuntu, but it does run a custom Kernel to support the newer Hardware. As far as I have read there are issues with Suspend/Hibernate as well as powermanagement.
so does anyone here have experience with running Zorin OS on new Hardware?

My laptop is running on i3 7th gen which is obviously not the latest. We will be happy to know if you try a LIVE USB of Zorin on you latest machine and share your experience here.
That will help the whole community.

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I will try out Zorin OS on it, the LIVE Systems always seem to work better, then after installing (at least with Ubuntu and Fedora this seems to be the case)
As far as I can see Zorin OS uses 5.11 Kernel. Full support for the X1 Nano Hardware is in Kernel 5.13 and up, so I do not have very high hopes. But Lenovo also ships the X1 Nano with Ubuntu,m but with a custom Kernel, I guess I will try to install that Kernel if I can get my hands on it.
I will report when I have tried it.

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