LENOVO U310 does not charge when plugging charger mid use

Hello, I have just started using Linux, installed the zorin 16 on 2012 Lenovo u310 with i3 processor and 4GB RAM, when I plug the charger to the unit, it still shows as discharging until I reboot the unit, then it starts charging... any advise? thanks,

You may try calibrating the battery.
Run the computer until it dies completely. Once it dies, plug it into the charger and let it fully charge without interruption (best method is to let it sit charging over night). Repeat this two or three times.

hi, even tho' this might fix the issue (I will try), it doesn't fix the problem, does it? I am very happy with the os, I am posting to have this issue fixed, not to have the obligation to work on it. These things should work out of the box :slight_smile:

It is a fix.

Sometimes a battery, a compass or any other device needs to be... calibrated.

With any machine, you always have the obligation to work on it. Whether a car, a chainsaw, a boat... The obligation is always yours to maintain, repair, adjust and accept responsibility of and for.

There could be any number of reasons why the indicator doesn't change. One could be that the battery needs calibrated. Another could be that the battery doesn't have support in the installed firmware.... there may be a bug in the firmware.... the kernel may not recognize it because of the firmware and fails to update the indicator. Your drive may be failing, reading from a corrupt sector of the device. The installation files may have been corrupted while attempting to write to the bad sector. There are yet more reasons, but in not going to go into them all.

This may not be an os problem. Since we don't have your machine, we can only offer things to try. If the calibration doesn't work you may try running fdisk and reinstalling the os (so bad sectors are marked prior to the attempted reinstall). Not everything is clear on what is causing the issue.

Please attempt the solution provided and inform us if it fixed it. If not, we can troubleshoot further.

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hello! I wasn' trying to be dificult, like I said, I will try! and for sure, I will post here if the battery drain will re-calibrate it... thanks!

omw to drain it, waiting for it to power off before it powers off

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Calibrating this way can be tedious, so I appreciate your patience.

Mine does that too sometimes. It doesn't always display that it is charging. But, I believe it is, because the battery doesn't drain. I'm not bothered though...

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hello! thanks for your suggestion and replies, the battery is charging fine now, just takes a little bit of time to change the icon and show it is charging, but i do not see that as a problem!

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