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Hey there :slight_smile:

I have now completely moved over to Linux from Windows, no turning back, no dual boot :ring:

Just looking for some recommendations for a few creature comforts. Two things I could do on windows was speech-to-text and emoji keyboard.

With the speech, I could press a hotkey and talk into anything with an input field. Browser, Applications, OS etc. It was great for working with ChatGPT when coding, or if I just need to give my fingers a rest(arthritis).

With emoji keyboard, I could press [Super + . ] to bring up emojis. Kinda helpful, not so important.

Anyways, I know Linux and Windows have their own strengths, so I'm not to phased if there are not good solutions on Linux, but if you know of any then please let me know.

:slight_smile: :heart:

p.s. big Gnome fan so the simpler interface the better

Gnomes Emoji Picker should be included on Zorin OS Core (Gnome). I am using Zorin OS Lite (XFCE) and the picker appears by two different methods.
The keyboard shortcut ctrl+; (For clarity, you hit control key and the semicolon key together).
Or from the Right Click Context Menu - select "Insert emoji."

For text to speech, eSpeak is a common text to speech app.
I believe espeak comes already installed. But you may want the GUI frontend for running it. I will include the command for both - if espeak is already installed, it will simply say so in the terminal.

sudo apt install -y espeak gespeaker

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Thank you dude.

For emoji keyboard, I found a flathub app called Emote.
Pro- Works for any App (Built in gnome is GTK only)
Con- Shows up in dash as an app while using.

Unfortunately, espeak is the opposite of what I need. Though I was impressive :slight_smile: Reminds me of Excel 97 text-to-speech haha

Ah, I see. You are looking for Speech Recognition software that can pipe to text.

We might need to shop around a bit.

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