LG on screen control / steelseries gg

So I’m trying to install these programs which regrettably do not have linux versions so I’m utilizing WINE. I can’t get them to install correctly even with WINE so I’m hoping someone here may be able to walk me or explain me a process on proper procedure to download these type of programs. I can’t believe neither LG nor steelseries understand that gamers aren’t solely on Mac or Windows.

Hi and welcome! Yes we all feel your pain that closed source manufacturers don't have an open (source) mind!

Can't help you on the LG front but some help on steel series here:

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Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to support my headset, nor will it allow me to update firmware from the corresponding manufacturer. My brand new monitor has firmware updates needed and it isn’t as simple as plugging it in, nor is it as simple as downloading to a usb

I feel your pain. I upgraded an old notebook to SSD from Crucial. Firmware updates only available in Windows! D'OH!

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