Libfuse3-3 limbo

I have been in a curious state of limbo with Libfuse3-3 for a couple of weeks now. The issue is as follows:

When I run an update/upgrade/autoremove through the terminal as I typically do, it prompts me to remove Libfuse3-3, to which I accept (-y).

Immediately afterwards, Software Updater pops up and says this:

Once again installing the Libfuse3-3 that the terminal will then ask me to remove!

(bonus issue: that "Desktop integration portal for Flatpak and Snap" which always appears in the Updater without letting me check it)

This is a confusing one.

Fuse3 supercedes Fuse.
Fuse is what comes with Zorin OS.
The recent xdg-desktop-portal package update depends on Fuse3, thereby insisting it be installed in order to upgrade xdg-desktop-portal.
This necessitates removing the existing Fuse Package.

Fuse3 can be safely installed and the packages that rely on Fuse can also use Fuse3.

So, you can install or upgrade xdg-desktop-portal and fuse3 safely:

sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal -y

But It is unsafe to then try removing the Fuse Packages since the Zorin OS Desktop Environment depends on Fuse.
So install/upgrade - and then leave it safely as it is...

Or, Ignore the prompt to Upgrade xdg-desktop-portal...

Use sudo apt-mark hold xdg-desktop-portal to hold the package at current version and stop the nagging prompts.

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I installed xdg-desktop-portal -y, blessed peace covers me

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I have just done the same, as have been playing libfuse3-3 ping-pong as described in OP. I will now see how that pans out.

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This is bothering for a long time so far and I have no clue on how to fix it

You can resolve it with:

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