Libre calc capitalization

I understand this is a Libre question and not a Zorin one.
Libre calc insists on capitalizing the first word from any text I enter in a cell.

What I have tried:

    I don’t have “autocorrect” anywhere under Tools. The Libre in-built Help option suggests the same thing.
    What I do have under Tools are: Run Macro, Edit Macro, 2 Organize commands, Goal seek, solver, 3 Trace commands, 3 Remove commands, Fill mode Auto refresh, Mark invalid data, Data sources, XML settings.

  2. I did try Options->Language settings->Writing aids and unchecked “check spelling, grammar, uppercase” options. But that didn’t work.

Can you look for Tools - Cell Content - Autoinput and see if that setting does the trick?
On later version, may be Tools - Autoinput

Unfortunately, I can’t find Cell Content or Autoinput

What version are you running?
Mine has it.


That is confusing. You have completely different options at the top than mine. We have the same version.

Perhaps my Menubar is enabled and yours is not.

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Found Autocorrect Options. I kept thinking the Ribbon was the Menu. I blame Microsoft’s brainwashing.

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Just a comment - people complained about LibreOffice not being up-to-date theme wise but the more options you throw at an Office Suite the more alienating it becomes. When the ribbon came out I hated it (I still do) but the only one that works for me is SoftMaker Office - it’s a breeze and whilst it is a paid for Office Suite it beats M$ hands down - it still has a way to go on the Linux side of things but on the Windows version discovered it has an early version of MathType included! It says Equation Editor but it is really the precursor of what became MathType (now another annual subscription rip-off!).
I tried using LibreWriter for work but when they open it in MSOffice it’s all wrong and have to export to pdf every time - not useful if needs editing. SoftMaker is a much closer match to what M$Office uses - it is also more advanced I feel even in its Linux iteration. So nice that when you start a sentence half-way across the page it wraps back round to that spot on the next line, when exporting to pdf it will also sometimes automatically pick up the title of the original pdf extracted from using Okular. I am far more productive on Linux at home then I ever was using Win10 and the rest of the garbage at work. :wink:
Oh and you can have the traditional look of Office in SoftMaker Office too!

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Thanks, Swarf. I’ll keep this in mind.

I am forced to use only my work laptop for work. It has Win10 (joy) and my work IT freaks out whenever I log into Office 365 using my own machine (Zorin). My philosophy is to avoid freaking them out - people behave weird when they create fears. So, i just use MS Office on that.

For personal, the only thing I use on my own machine is Libre Calc since I like to occasionally nerd around with numbers (and hang out on Linux forums, …I’m strange).

My wife uses Libre Writer and so far she said she didn’t have any problems with others opening her .doc files. I told her to keep an eye out. Would using Zorin Ultimate make Libre any better if she does start seeing issues? I bought a copy last year and it sits here uninstalled.

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No, and it’s not Libre Office fault - M$ were supposed to be coming to an agreement on the ODT standard but you can tell where that ended up. It’s sad but true - I find the new iterations confusing and hiding the menu bar by default is poor and the fact that you get almost two routes and forget what you did to get to where you want. I feel there are two many tweaks in LibreOffice. Where it does shine though is that it is fully compliant with Orca, the screen reader - SoftMaker does not work with Orca so I wouldn’t recommend a print-disabled user who is reliant on the Gnome Screen Reader (Orca) to use anything else but LibreOffice.
I have had to use LibreOffice to find out what the percentage spacing is of characters - some of our students need say 1 pt character spacing in a word and 3 pt spacing between words so what I have to do is create a few simple words in LibreOffice, save as an MSWord 97-365.docx then open it up in TextMaker 2021 and then open it’s dialog box to find out what the percentage setting is for spacing when creating an adapted simple story book for the little ones in Primary/Elementary.

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