Libre office failed to save documents and convert to pdf

Dear all,

I found an error message in my Libreoffice as follow:

error libreoffice

Did you also found an error like this? Please let me know how to fix this. I can't "save as" my documents and also can't directly convert to pdf.

I have dist-upgrade all my libreoffice package, but I still can't fix it.

Thank you for your help.

Is the hdd/ssd drive read only ?

What filetype is the document you are trying to save/convert?
Did you create it in Libreoffice?

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I am using ssd. How to look or change setting the ssd in read only mode?

Do you dualboot with windows ?

I created the file from Ms. word from another computer, and I edit it in my computer with Zorin OS, and I try to 'save as' file, but it don't work properly.

I use single boot only, the Zorin OS.

You're attempting to save the file to something it won't save to. The system will actually tell you what format is allowed. All you have to do is read what it is telling you.

What I understand extension coming from a windows and he want change that for extension in linux and save that. I know here it is little tricky because some file extension in linux you also cannot save. Great puzzle we don't see extension what he want save.
It wrote "18 November 2021_Pedoman Penunsan the sis Biologi_Edited RJ:" you used some signs where document in name cannot save that or you don't put extension what that must be to saving.

So what was the file type .doc .docx or something more exotic?

LibreOffice will allow you to open and edit some MS Office file types, but the choice of what you can save the resultant document will be dictated by LibreOffice.

I am not sure whether other open source "Office" apps will allow saving edits as MS equivalent file types. Others here using Apache OpenOffice, SoftMaker FreeOffice etc may comment on filetypes you can save as there.

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Thank you Bourne, there are some sign can't use in Libreoffice for it file name that Ms. office can do. After I try few times with different sign, the Libreoffice work properly. I think my Libreoffice have some bugs before.

If you want to save as PDF, you must export the document to PDF. The only formats that libre office will normally save to are ODF and DOCX... though TXT and RTF may be possible also.

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