Libre office freezes on fresh install Zorin 16 core

Hi my freshly installed Zorin 16 core freezes only when Libre Office Writer is open. Everything freezes, besides mouse. How to find out what is the issue? Thanks

Which graphics card are you using on your computer?

Mesa Intel® Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)

Maybe try:

sudo apt install --reinstall libreoffice linux-oem-20.04

Reboot and test...

I have tried this, works fine for while, but once working with Writer, Mouse Cursor Arrow Changes To Vertical Line and everything besides the Vertical Line mouse freezes :cold_face:

Narrowing this down to Writer seems to help. I did a web search and found a lot of people experiencing this - due to a lot of causes - with a lot of suggested solutions. So, I suppose you may need to explore a bit and find what works for you.

Under Tools > Options > View I increased memory for LibreOffice from 20 to 200 MB (have 4 GB on the machine) and memory per object from 5 to 50 MB

Under Tools > Options > View I turned off hardware acceleration and anti-aliasing. Reasoning that there may be a bug where it runs algorithms that depend on acceleration and the machine did not have it.

Under Tools > Options > Advanced I turned off the Java virtual machine. I could not find any Java VM on the machine so I thought it best.


Thank you, it seems to be working for now, however, I was not able to find a place to set memory allocation -has this been removed?

I was not aware of this... hmmm...
How much RAM do you have?

plenty, 16Gb, however looks like one of your suggestions: Java & acceleration & anti-aliasing has solved the problem :v: thank you!

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