Libre Office printing

Hi, I’ve just tried to print my first document from Libre Office (have always use open office before).

All OK except the scaling means that the bottom of the print page including the “print” box is not visible (off the page at the botton of the page). So can’t press the button so no print.

I can’t drag the top of the print page above the top of the window. It seems as though the print page is too tall.

Also, for some reason, my print page is showing the print preview page to the left of the print page. I did use print preview and adjusted the size before trying to print. I wonder if it is hung up on print preview somehow?

Just found out - once set up libre office only requires enter to be pressed to initiate printing - Dooh!! I have always used Open Office before.

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Hi, you might want to try SoftMaker Office - they have a free one but the paid for one is better. I decided to buy as it is the only none MS suite that saves correctly to .docx. Also I need to check this, I think LibreOffice is now at version 7.xx - Will need to check if case in Zorin - in FerenOS I have had to uninstall as it kept crashing every time I closed the ‘Tip’ box on start of Writer! Now back at 6.4 on Feren OS but for my daily work I am using Softmaker Office - licence allows 5 installs (so you could put one install on Windows, 3 on Linux and 1 on Mac)