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Hi there! I currently have 2 versions of Libre Office installed. I already had the flatpack installed when I upgraded to Zorin 17. Normally I would just take that one off in the app centre but that one is v24.2. More or less a beta channel release with newer features.
As such, I'd like to go ahead and remove the 7.6 ubuntu native release since I don't need 2 of them and the one I have is working well.

I tried to do sudo apt-get purge libreoffice* but it said it wasn't found. I also tried without the '*' but same thing.

I know I'm missing something simple but my quick google search has come up empty otherwise. lol



Use the software store to find what is installed and delete from there.

Well, like I said, the one I prefer to keep IS the one from the store. That's the flatpack, and the only one that shows up in the softwhere store when I search it. I want to keep that.
The one I wish to remove is the one that Zorin installed when I upgraded.

When I look at my ZOS 17 fresh installation, I have LibreOffice applications from the Zorin repositories (APT) not a Flatpak. There is a Snap version too. Not sure where your Flatpak came from. I don't recall LibreOffice being Flatpak on ZOS 16.3 since Zorin has always had their own PPAs for key programs.

Hi Tes, Install Synaptic Package Manager, launch it (you will need to provide your login password for it to run), then search for libreoffice. It should not come back with any flatpak software. If it does show the packages for the one you want to remove it will have a little green square. Right-click these and mark for removal and click on Apply from the menu bar.

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Try instead please sudo apt purge libreoffice-common

After that type sudo apt autoremove to delete the Rests.

This is not a Beta. This is the new Version. They changed the Stuff with the Numbers to a Year-Month Sheme. 24=2024, 2=February.

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Personally, I like @swarfendor437's suggestion about using Synaptic Package Manager. Can use the "complete" removal option and be assured of no excess traces of LibreOffice being left behind that way. On the same token, I have also used what @Ponce-de-Leon suggested in the past. That works well, too. Just remember to use the "sudo apt autoremove" (no quotation marks) after using the first command @Ponce-De-Leon provided. That will finish the job. Either option provided to you is viable. Good luck, @Tes. Please let us know the outcome.


Yes, good Point. I have added that.


Use this with some caution. Please take time to read the output it creates and be certain that items listed for removal are those you expect to be removed. Do not just hit Y in a hurry without reading the small print first.


Yes I have run into this before. Autoremove took out WAY more than I had expected and I no longer had a desktop environment lol...

Anyway, thank you everyone for all your replies. As an unfortunate turn of events, I think I had downloaded some malware off the software store (again) because for the second time, but root drive ran out of space in a matter of hours. This has happened before and after cleaning the drive, it filled right back up again by the next day.
This time, I couldn't even clean it. And then each time I rebooted, the computer got worse and worse until I couldn't even do anything on it. I couldn't restore with Timeshift because there wasn't enough disk space... it was just a mess. So in the end I had to wipe and reinstall (Thankfully my /home folder is on a separate drive). I lost my flatpak version of office, so I'll just keep the native one that came with Zorin at this point.

Again, Thanks for all the help. At least there's a reference for anyone else who has the issue now lol :slight_smile:


This is very unlikely to be MalWare as the repos are vetted and scanned, along with all software added to the repos must pass through Lintian.

If Root is running out of space consistently, the most common cause is /var/log filling up with log files.
You can regularly vacuum to clean old logs, but there is most often some problem causing the logs to generate and fill space that should be addressed.


how does one find the problem?

If logs are filling, then checking the content of the logs may provide the necessary information about what is going wrong.
In the app menu, there should be a Log Viewer. You can past the recent portions here using code tags.
Or, you can set the /var/log directory to be cleaned regularly or limit size:

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This post reveals my occassional "keep disk tidy" regime: System optimization on Zorin/Linux ...? - #9 by zabadabadoo


Thank you very much! I will look into limiting the size for now, since I have reinstalled clean and all is working well at the moment.

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I too am having a terrible problem with Libre.
Yet Zorin touts this as one of the main attractions of their distro.

Just had yet another reply from "Support" suggesting that I update my BIOS ?
The latest BIOS has been installed for years.
My MoBo is the ASUS Z97 WS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried my solution that I posted earlier in the thread? If I were still using Zorin as my daily goto, the first thing I would do would be to remove flatpak and snap from the system and just use Synaptic Package Manager. Further if you are in need of an Office Suite that is fully compatible with MSOffice then I would recommend you replace it with SoftMaker's Free Office. I use the paid for Pro version. Interestingly Antix offers Free Office, so far the only GNU/Linux that offers this in its additional software choices.

I have played around with a couple of options.
SoftMaker is one good option. OnlyOffice is another.

At the moment I am unclear how support from Zorin is affected if I put any "Proprietary" software on my distro.

Earlier to day I decided (Not yet done) to put a completely fresh version of Zorin on a nice new SSD. Not a problem as I have multiple "Switched" front loading drive bays. Plus a nice little eSATA at the back. After that I will leave it as is and contact support to sort out this non functioning Libre. It should be fully functional straight out of the box.

My machine is more than capable of handling Libre, as I installed it on my W10 drive after my Zorin problems, just to make sure that it works OK.
It does, it works very well on my W10 drive.

The Zorin support worker who suggested that I update the BIOS on my machine, would be well advised not to give up their day job any time soon.

I will let you know how things pan out.
Also thinking of trying some of the other distros, anyone fancy a Mint ?

Mint comes with LibreOffice, too. That worked for me so godd like on Zorin.

The Question is: Do You want use a LTS Distro or can it be a Rolling Release Distro, too? A good Balance between both Models offers Fedora but that doesn't have a Debian/Ubuntu Base. It is an own System.

Mint is to bloated for my taste, I like barebone distros. Last I tried Mint it installed everything and the kitchensink. But Cinnamon is nice. Have the Mint team made all this bloat optional since last time?