Libreoffice 24.2 Writer Navigator


I am using Zorin 17.1. since yesterday, before I was using Linux Mint with the same edition of Libreoffice. Since I am on ZorinOS, I face a brandnew issue: When I have Libreoffice open and I want to see the navigator, it is not docked. If I want to drag it to the left to dock it as a sidebar, it does not snap but just blow up to double its size.
I also cannot find a function to dock the navigator on right click.

Do you guys have faced a similar issue with Libreoffice navigator?


Hi guys!

I think I found a possible reason for this behaviour but am not able to solve it. It looks like that the behaviour of the Navigator in Libreoffice is being caused by a functionality called Tiling.
Is it possible to deactivate this feauture to make it possible to have the Navigator snapp to the side and not blow up?