LibreOffice Dark theme UI readability issue - buttons are hard to see

For all libre office apps, certain ui elements are dark grey against black background which is too difficult to distinguish on the zorin dark theme.

For example these tools are very hard to see especially on low brightness at small sizes:
Screenshot from 2021-08-31 16-41-37 Screenshot from 2021-08-31 16-42-12

  1. Click the Menu -bar icon in upperleft corner.
  2. Tools --> Options ---> Peronalization.
  3. Switch color

That sort of works but it changes the dark theme which I'd to keep.

Try with another icon them in LO
Tools > Options > View

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Thanks, this workaround is sufficient though I preferred the colibre iconset.

The icons in question are specifically Symbolic Icons. It is possible to invert the brightness of the symbolic icons in the colibre set. (it's a bit tedious.. but it is possible, which would allow you to use your preferred set.)

I'm interested, may I know the process?

I changed all my Gimp icons to something far more visible in dark mode.

The Colibre icons are zipped in /usr/share/libreoffice/share/config
@Storm posted a video on the forum not long ago demonstrated color invert on .svg icons, but you can also batch convert using inkscape in the terminal. I just logged in to the flood of responses on the forum so am just catching up, but will try to see if I can find more details shortly.

If you for some reason don't have all the icon themes you can insert the command into ur terminal.

sudo apt install libreoffice-style*


Thanks, I ended up using the breeze (dark) icon over Colibre!

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Yes i also use the breeze theme. I remember I got confused because I don't have any icons while I was on Arch, thts why I posted that.

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