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Does anyone know if LibreOffice Draw as a typewriter function ... each quarter I send my doctor a copy of my blood work on a form I made for this purpose and it requires me to put the results in the little squares so she can trace my progress and then I can keep a copy and send her one too .... here is the form I made so you can see what I mean ....

For personal reasons it is not filled out but you can get the picture of what I want to do ... I was using Adobe Acrobat 9 to fill these numbers in using their typewriter mode .... but I can't find that anywhere in Libre Draw .... or maybe I'm using the wrong Libre program ....

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This kind of form I bet will be easier in Calc (counter part of Excel)

Always use page break in view after you type to see if it sets up the style you want.


I tried choosing Calc but it switched me to Draw .... and I can't find typewriter in Draw ....

OK I see what you are saying just redo the form in Calc instead of adding to my existing form .... may have to do that but I am not much good with spread sheets .... and it does look a bit more professional .... but I am going to have to learn how to do it .... more of life's little challenges .... LOL

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Never tried something like Draw for creating forms but I don't know if this will solve it: Plain Typewriter Mode (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum


Well, its not that as in professional. Its just easier for form cause its already a rows and column. A table one. And since forms like you post is like a table, it will be easier to create it in a table like software like spread sheets


You of course are right .... and I don't have to learn or use macro's because it is just plain adding in numbers .... which shouldn't be that hard .... LOL

Does Linux support Apache OpenOffice ???? ... I think I've tried it before on Doze ...

yes... .rpm and .deb


Thanks but I'm already trying to redo the form using Calc ... it does look a whole lot better .... so I'll work with that for a spell .... if it appears I'm overwhelmed I'll give Apache a try ...

Thanks a lot for your help and info ... now back to my Calc .... LOL


OK I'm finished and I am happy with the results .... I made a template just in case I mess something up (like I would ever do that LOL) ... here are the results ...

Thanks again for your help I'll mark is as solved ...


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