LibreOffice ERROR!

I have been using Libre Writer to write and edit my (text) files. Today when I edited a file saving it as I exited, when I went to re-open that file here was the error message that I received -

'file format error found at 96,13686 at /build/libreoffice-p6dZrv/-libreoffice - 7.5.1~rc2/writerfilter/source/rtfdocumenttimp.cxx:844(row,col).

I think I recently did an update to my system, could this be an update error? I also very much need to access this file so I can update the information that it contains.

Is this any help?

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Thanks for the link, but somehow I think this is a specific file problem. I can open and edit other files using Libre (Office) Writer, but the one file I wanted to continue editing still shows me that error message. Reconstructing that file is going to be very difficult, but at this moment it looks like my only option.

I did look at the link's suggestions however the INSERT drop down menu showed Text From File but didn't open/work when I tried to click on it. Oh well one more negative for Libre Writer :cry:.

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I actually do not use LibreOffice at all.
I have my own beefs with it.

But this also means I am next to useless on such things. I was hoping another knowledgeable person could step in.

What this problem has caused me to do was to seek an alternative to Libre Writer (which has been less wonderful for me forever). Searching Software for 'word processor' returned several good options with me giving AbiWord a go. So far it seems to be what will work better for me than Libre Writer.

Its the old 'One door closes and another opens' routine.

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I am crediting you with the Solution here since it did actually help me to retrieve some of my wayward file. AviWord was able to open that file enough for me to get some of the text!

Need to add - I needed to Remove AviWord after first download because it would 'lock up' on my. After dowloading - not using flathub but Zorin OS option - it seems to be better.

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