I had a document saved in LibreOffice Writer. I added some things to it after reopening it and wanted to change the font size. I highlighted the whole document with the chosen new font size and then pressed enter. The document is gone, that is the document with the added stuff and the font size change. I still have the original. Of course, I didn't know about the autorecovery option yet.
Most everywhere I've read to try to get this document back with the improvements is I'm to select tools, options but then I'm to select paths. I see nothing that says paths.
Is it called something different in Linux or Zorin?

I think this may be the option you're looking for:

I've just been delving into Styles and it doesn't appear to work like it does in that other Office Suite! What might save you time in future is to create a Template (.ott) file. So create your document with the default font (you can of course change this unless you need a specific font for a specific reason and to have it as default not necessary). Say your font is set at Bitstream Vera Sans. Change this to AvantGarde LT Medium in a blank document and change the font size from say 12 to 14. Now save this as a Template and name it AvantGarde LT Medium_14.
Open your default template and write the document, add to it. Now create a new file from the Template created and go back to the original, use Ctrl+ A to select all the text, then Ctrl+ C to copy this to the Clipboard, go to the Template document and press Ctrl+ V to paste into the Template file. Now save that document as an .odt (Office document). Alternatively once you have a variety of Templates created, you can open up your Templates and concentrate on document creation.
When I was working I had to use MS Office and created a training package on Styles but looking at LibreOffice Writer I can't get the same results. My personal preference is for SoftMaker Office (they do a free version, I use the one-off payment version) and created multiple templates to meet individual students preferences of fonts, but the default was nearly always Arial, with one or two preferring Comic Sans or even Calibri! Using Templates is easier than having to use Styles.

I went back and found I had chosen LibreOffice Writer instead of just LibreOffice. I found the word paths. I'm going now to see if I can get anywhere trying to restore it. To be continued.

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As an end note to this issue; I asked the LibreOffice help community about this and they, in essence, said LibreOffice was unlike other programs in that when you do this, it will do that (my words, not theirs) as if I shouldn't be surprised my info disappeared.
I told them I came from WordPerfect and it would prompt me if I was making such a huge move with a question or it would just not allow that huge move making me
look for the proper method. The fact that LibreOffice would just wipe a document out is absurd!
They told me I should read the instructions.
They said highlighting text and pressing enter prompts a page break or paragraph break. In my instance it prompted a wipeout!

I'm not entirely sure I understand what the issue was, the document just disappeared entirely?

Going to the options under Tools -> Options -> Load/Save it looks like you can enable "autorecovery" every x amount of minutes, and also enable "Always create a backup copy". Honestly, I thought this was something LibreOffice Writer already did automatically, similar to how MS Office does it...

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