LibreOffice Writer font problems

I have 2 questions regarding fonts in LibreOffice Writer:

  1. I'm not sure it relates to recent updates, but my LibreOffice Writer documents have suddenly stopped correctly displaying Wingdings2 characters. I had a character that was an X inside a circle. Now it displays as a box. Is there some way to correct this?

  2. My list of fonts includes dozens and dozens of fonts the begin "noto." These appear to be mostly Arabic characters, although they don't display that way when I try to convert to them. Do I need these "noto" fonts? And, if not, how do I delete them?

Are you able to see any other characters using that same font, or is it only a few ones?
Also, can you see those missing characters (assuming it's only a few) if you paste then elsewhere? Like for example in your browser, when you hit reply on this forum. If no, try to install this package:

sudo apt install fonts-opensymbol

As for removing system fonts, I don't think it's a good idea. I don't know the reason, if it's specific to Zorin OS or what but fonts are tightly coupled with other system dependencies and trying to remove them may delete other critical components.