LibreWolf bookmarks gone

I am using librewolf for browsing (its a firefox fork with enhanced privacy built in).

Librewolf got an update and it showed me this message.

Since I have a new profile I am not able to see my bookmarks. I can not import them since I do not have backed them up. They are just lying in the other profile unaccesable by me.

Any clues how to get it work? Maybe install a older version, backing up the bookmarks and than use the new one?

Ok I tried to find a solution and found one.

First look at the profiles you have on librewolf (URL: about:profiles).

You will see different profiles and one of those can not be opened.
BUT in the directory where the files are you will find two files that contain bookmarks + their favicons.

You will find them in:
.var > app > io.gitlab.librewolf > .librewolf > chose folder of old profile

Copy places.sqlite + favicons.sqlite and replace them in the directory of the new profile.

Restart & enjoy! :slight_smile:


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