Librewolf 'linked to tabs' not linking

When I open Librewolf, opening another tab is no problem. But when I click on a link when Librewolf is NOT open all that results is a 'tab'/ blank box -

When I expand to full size that 'tab' here's what that looks like -

The address bar is 'empty' so link is not established. I have looked at the tabs settings in Librewolf, I had - "Open links in tabs instead of new windows" checked, then also checked "When you open a link, image or media in a new tab, switch to it immediately" with no change in how this 'new tab (window)' happened.

Any thoughts?

Does this GitHub bug report assist?:

Thanks for letting me know that this is a known 'bug' so its not something that either I have set up wrong or need to fix. It will remain a 'work around' for me, glad that there seem to be others more insightful who are bending their minds to this.

What I have learned from trying to understand what was happening is -

  1. have Librewolf OPEN before clicking on 'link'. That way there is a window where a new tab can be opened to display the link desired.

  2. I will be utilizing the 'blank box' that pops up as a 'flag' to make sure Librewolf is opened before clicking on the link (again).

Will credit you with the 'solution' for helping me to get to understanding of this. Also hoping that smarter more able programming types will take on this challenge and update Librewolf in the future.

Thanks Swarfendor!

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