Librewolf update

I'm running Zorin OS Pro 16.2. I'm using Librewolf browser and it keeps telling me an update is available. I've searched and can not find the best way to update Librewolf.
I installed Librewolf via flatpak, but I'm at a loss for how to update this browser. I have no problems with using command line in the terminal. I downloaded the 74.6 MB tar.bz2 file, but I'm confused on how to install (or update) this file.
Does anyone know how to update Librewolf?

If you know it is a flatpak. See this may help you: Apps Stuck on update page not updating - #7 by Aravisian


That worked! Thank you. I'll have to remember this in the future.

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LibreWolf is better from chrome and firefox on linux. Working better without problems. If something not working on one then i choice next and check if working. Some websides can open and some cannot open. Some things i can download and cannot download. That is challenge. :slight_smile:

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