License question between Zorin and Lite

I purchased the Pro for the regualar Gnome version and I'm considering installing the Lite version as well. Mostly to see what the perfomance difference is bewteen the two DE's on my machine. I havent really run XFCE on this machine very much. It's alway been i3 or Gnome.
Does that Pro license cover both of the versions or am I required to purchase a 2nd one to do a dual boot. Just want to do things the right way.

And any idea on when Zorin Lite 17 is due to be out?

No, it does not. The Pro License covers the entirety of the Zorin OS release including all packages for Zorin OS Core, Lite and Education.

Your Pro email confirmation includes a download link that includes 17 Pro and Pro Lite both. The only reason users are not seeing the Lite download is because Lite is pending release. Once it is released, all Pro users will get a notification and their free download for Pro Lite.

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With the Pro purchase you get both the Pro Lite version (Xfce desktop) and the Pro version (GNOME desktop). However, since Zorin 17 Lite Pro has yet to be released, it is not available.

This is based on the past history of the Zorin 16 series. I would send an email to the Zorin developers to see if anything has changed for ZOS 17.

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Thats what I was understanding it to mean. But wanted to double check.
I have my nickname for a reason. Lol.

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And thank you!

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Does Zorin Lite have its own repos or are they shared with the gnome version?
I almost installed the xfce desktop thinking it might give me the Lite version. But then got to thinking about how things like Zorin Appearance is probably completely different for xfce than the gnome version. So I decided against it.
Guess I will just wait with bated breath. Lol.

I thought Education was free like Core?

It is - My statement was that all of the packages under the Zorin OS umbrella are available, though.

You can install the xfce Zorin Desktop on Gnome. Open the Terminal and type:

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

Reboot Your System and in the Gnome Login Screen click on Your User Profile and the Password Field appears. Then You will see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Symbol. Click on it. There You can choose You Desktop.

I know about installing the XFCE desktop. But I want the Zorin experience that comes with it. So I will wait for 17 to released. Thank you all again.

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With zorin-os-lite-desktop You get the Zorin Exerience because it is the xfce Desktop from Zorin not the normal xfce Desktop. But when You will wait that's okay. I wouldn't think that it takes too long till Zorin 17 Lite will coming.

Thats what I am hoping for.

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