Lifelines genealogy programme

Hello, everyone, in our bright new forum…I have just installed, via the Terminal screen, Lifelines, a recommended family history application…The installation seems to have gone OK. If I search from ‘Computer’, I can find instances nd locations of/for Lifelines - but of course, Linux doesn’t have an immediately-reconisable *.exe file, as Windows would… But Lifelines does not appear in my Applications screens, and a search from ‘Activities’ doesn’t find it either. (I have a sort-of parallel instance in Xnview, which I installed and use constantly, but which similarly doesn’t appear in Applications, and I have to call it up by search from Activities.)
How should I open/run Lifelines, please ?
Ian Graham

Interesting one.
The package Lifelines is not a Graphical Program. It will not be in the App Menu because there is no app to launch.
Lifelines is purely a Text Based Program.
It is run from a terminal with


To learn more about use, you can read the manual in terminal

man llines

And that is all the help I can give you. I have never used it and never even heard of it. I just now installed it on my machine to test it (And I am about to remove it, because my family history is probably best forgotten :smiley: )

You might look for more apps, if you are interested:

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My sister has done all the donkey work on this. Here in the UK there is a commercial online version. Whatever you do use public records and use Tor Browser. The site was linked to finding friends and it got hacked. Remember ID theft is where the money is.

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Thank you both for your replies. I’m sorry for not acknowledging sooner - I did click the ‘notify’ option, but it hasn’t happened.
Ian G.