Lightdm greeter loads extremely slow

Hey there,
I installed zorin os lite and wanted to try the cinnamon desktop and so I installed it with the following commands:

sudo apt install cinnamon
sudo apt install cinnamon-core

I have lightdm as the only display manager and cinnamon is installed alongside the default xfce4 or zorin-os-lite session.
BUT, I have noticed that after bootup the lightdm-greeter takes an eternity to load and after it does and I login, the cinnamon desktop takes an additional 10-15 seconds to load.
On the other hand xfce4 desktop loads faster but in both cases the lightdm-greeter is slow as hell! I like the cinnamon desktop and want to keep using it so what can I do to make it load faster?

Also I should mention that I have recently installed the Sweet GTK theme and an icon theme. You can see it in the screenshot but the problem precedes it.

LightDM is the default in Zorin OS Lite; it is safe to conclude pretty quickly that this is not a LightDM issue, even if LightDM is affected.

In terminal, you can run

journalctl -b -1

to view your Boot Log and relay the output here. We can go over it to see if something is throwing an error before you reach user space.
You can also run:

systemd-analyze blame

though, I do not recommend taking any immediate action on that output. It will list all processes, including essential ones, that add time to boot.
But it may help narrow down what the issue is.

A sidenote: XFCE runs with a light footprint while being a full desktop environment. Gnome is a heavy desktop environment (though it does mitigate it quite a bit). Cinnamon is a mid-range D.E. It runs lighter than Gnome, but not as light as XFCE or LXDE does. Even if it is technically lighter than Gnome, it can actually run heavier on some older notebooks and really bog down.

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I like cinnamon because it gives me a little more customization option. Although I have enough cpu power and Ram capacity, the harddrive spin rate is 5400 rpm. Despite that I had expected cinnamon on lightdm to run a bit faster. I have attached the output file of. The output of 'systemd-analyze blame' shows nothing worthwhile that could slow down the boot.

The output of journalctl is quite long. I don't know how to upload it here.

Also, yesterday I replaced lightdm-gtk-greeter with slick-greeter but that didn't improve anything.

Why not upload it to and paste the link to it here.

Here is the log of lightdm.service:

The boot process till is fast enough. It just hangs for some time during the start up of lightdm service.

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