LightDM with Zorin-OS-16 Core, Gnome

Some time ago I wanted to customize my login screen, so I installed lightDM and it gave me some problems, like it didn't load and I got the tty1 console, also take a lot of time to load after I log in the first time I turn on my computer when the login was after a screen lock it was not like that, so I decide uninstall LightDM.
Has anyone installed it in gnome?
I have also been reading about SDDM. Any recommendation about it?

I had a similar experience a while back. I decided to try kde and have loved sddm. If you decide on this, remember that you may need the QT5 libraries for it. Not a bad thing to have since it allows for applications from both graphical libraries, if you don't install kde.

I try SDDM but still have same issue loading desktop after a shutdown, it takes a all minute from the moment I press Enter key until my desktop is loaded.
Also, this happen with LightDM to, when I try to shutdown it tells me that is another session open but is mine, nothing happens just turnoff right but is rare