Lighted Keyboard issue

So I have my Dell laptop set up for a dual boot. When I am in windows the lighted keyboard works. But when I boot to Zorin 17 core it no longer works Any thoughts. I have not been able to figure it out.

It's “optional hardware” so the system isn't configured to support it out of the box. I can't help about this specific issue but mates here would probably ask your computer model :smirk:. You're surely going to need an extension or something to make keyboard LEDs to work as with Windows.

Z17 is based on Ubuntu 22.04, so a websearch of "Dell laptop keyboard backlight Ubuntu 22.04" may reveal answers.

I have found these items, which may help:

Dell Latitude 7490

I have tried the steps in the first article and I get the following.

brightnessctl --device='tpacpi::kbd_backlight' info
Device 'tpacpi::kbd_backlight' not found.

Both articles are the same. so I am not sure how to move forward. Any other advise would be nice'

Did it work with Zorin 16.x?

Saw something about a BIOS update for use with Linux / Ubuntu on Dell's site:

Don't know if that would be helpful in your situation or not - might though. That might be a BIOS event the kernel can't handle without some help (update).

I started off with 17.1. I have a work around. I can turn the light on manually.

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following this thread...
i have a samsung lappy but it's keyboard don't work so i plugged in an external keyboard with backlight that one can switch on/off.
in windows it worked fine, then i had different distros of linux and with none of them the keyboard light works.
doesn't really bother me ,but now ima try find a solution , just to see if i can lol

oooh ok ,took me 5 min and now keyboard backlight works :yum:

ugh cant get it to stick with saving the command in .bashrc
everytime i log out/in the backlight doesn't work again.
more challenges to make me happy lol