Liking Zorin more everyday

Around 5 years ago, I began my foray into Linux. Started out with Mint (which I still like), and then tried out many different other flavors. I never tried Zorin until after version 16 came out, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with it.

Initially, I installed the Core version and had very little issues (except having to enable Legacy Mode in BIOS to get my WiFi working). After using Core for a bit and (enjoying it), I bought the Pro version because I felt this distro was worth supporting.

I really feel now that I have a distro that satisfies my both my visual (aesthetic) needs and my practical uses as well.

I've been running it on a 5 year old HP i3 laptop without any issues whatsoever. I have found it to be very solid, polished and well implemented.

I really like what the development team is doing with this so far!


Welcome to Zorin OS! And it looks like you bought PRO, thank you so much for supporting the dev's! You are positively stellar! :star2: You may want to update your profile to reflect that and update it from CORE to PRO hehe :wink:

I am really happy to hear that you have been enjoying Zorin OS 16. :blush:

This will take you to my story with OS 16



The devs have put out a good product that I use and enjoy. It is only right that they should receive something for their hard work and effort. I see the Pro option as a good way to support developers and receive some nice perks in return. :slightly_smiling_face:


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