Link to old forum gone missing

I wanted to search something on the old forum, but could not find the link to it that was once in the hamburger menu.


Has that link been removed by the dev's? @AZorin @zorink
If so I think that is a retrograde step, as there is a pile of useful information there that is still relevant.

I am glad I stilll hava a link to the old forum bookmarked. Old Zorin Forum archive

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I noticed that too recently. Had to search for my post on how to install MultiSystem which had a link to the post in the old archive to download the installer.

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Old forum is like a good flask a wine.
I saw old forum. How it is weird you was there young people.


As there has been deafening silence from @AZorin @zorink on this subject, I guess the link to the old forum archive has been removed on purpose.

For those (like me) who refer to the old forum, here is the link: Old Zorin Forum archive

Bookmark it.

I saw there is huge library information. Any problem nice described.


you talk like me....

Apologies for the late reply to this.

Over the past while, we've received technical support requests from users who experienced issues on Zorin OS after following outdated instructions on the old forum (despite the warning message on the top of every page there).

These issues were often caused by running commands that make configuration changes to deprecated system libraries & components, or adding third-party software repositories that don't exist for newer versions of Zorin OS, resulting in unexpected behaviour and error messages that confuse new users.

To avoid causing further issues for new users, we recently removed the link to the static archive of the old forum from the menu in the new forum here. However, we will still continue to host the old forum archive at for the foreseeable future, so you'll always be able to refer to any information there if necessary.


I believe that this will remain a standing issue on Linux for a long time.
There are many tech guides, pop-Linux articles and Installation Instructions across the web that contain distro or repo specific commands.
I cannot count how often a user on this forum tried adding a xenial repo or a sudo yum install...
Part of the learning curve of Linux includes developing ones awareness and reading comprehension.
And that is not intended harshly in any way. Personally, I think it is a great and amazing thing.
This world seriously needs it.

It's a primary reason that we should focus on teaching and not trying to make things easier.

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