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I am pretty much a Total Newbie to linux, so I apologise in advanced if this sounds like a stupid question. I bought the pro version of Zorin Os for my main PC and have Zorin Os lite on my laptop, is there any way of linking the PC's via cloud, similar to the way it is done on Mac OS?



I dunno about linking, but I use Mega (cloud service) which are well supported on Linux to share files among my gadgets.

Thanks Mate, I probably used the wrong term

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Just to let you know ..... the only stupid questions are the ones we don't ask ..... as a child my favorite question was "how come" ..... and it has stuck with me all my life ....

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You might also want to try Syncthing which can be used to synchronize specific folders between two devices, including phones (although I don't think there's an iOS version).

Note that this is not a backup solution, like storing files in the cloud as suggested above. The difference being that if you would edit or delete one file in one device the changes are reflected on the other as well. It can however be customized to behave like a backup solution and in many other ways, with a little bit of fiddling. I'll leave this video in case you are interested:

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