Links & Video Files Slow to Open

Weird issue here that just recently started... I use Slack frequently. Often I post a URL into Slack as a message and then click that link to open it in an browser. (Default browser is Brave.) It normally happens almost instantly. Now when I click the link, it takes at least 2-3 mins before it actually open. Long after I've gotten frustrated and just copy/pasted into a browser. (I just tested changing the default browser to Firefox and it opens instantly. Change back to Brave, same lag issue.)

Similarly, video files when trying to open them with the default player (which is VLC) delay to open. (But if I change the default player to the native video player, no lag whatsoever.)

Thanks for any help in advance!

Do you have the Flatpak-Version of VLC installed or the .deb Version?

And how is it with Brave and Firefox? There are the .deb or Flatpak-Version?

I tried checking in terminal for this... pretty sure that VLC is .deb... can't really tell what Brave is and Firefox came pre-installed.

At least for Brave, searching brave slow on opening external links it looks a known issue, it has been reported frequently. And you can see the package type of your software on GNOME Software > Installed > open the page of the software.

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Like @Luca_Pavan wrote You can look in Gnome Software Store what is installed. Another Option ist to use the Terminal. ther you can type flatpak list to look what Flatpaks do you have installed or snap list for snap Packages.

Brave should be a Flatpak when you have install it from the Software Store because for the .deb version you have to go to the Brave Website. Firefox can be both, VLC theoretically, too.

The thing ist: Flatpaks and Snap's are running in container's. So they don't have limited Permissions. That can make sometimes Issues when working with other Stuff together.

To solve that, you could use a Tool called Flatseal to set up Permissions for Flatpaks or you use the .deb Versions.

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