Linus Torvalds and M1 MAC


Thanks for sharing! Interesting to get his thoughts on Macs and what his personal machine specs are

Nice...Thanks for sharing.

I hope someday linux will be near the same apple operative system focus on one GUI and packages.

You don't necessarily want to upgrade to a newer MacOS. My MacBook Air 2014 for example is eligible for Big Sur, but it can barely handle it. Despite a thorough cleaning and fresh paste on the processor it was running very hot just doing normal light activities. Several times I had the fan kick in while I was just browsing the internet or drawing in Illustrator, which never happened on Catalina. As hardware grows, so too will the demands software place on it. Apple aren't being nefarious here, just pragmatic. Seven years is a good lifespan for any computer, let alone an ultrabook.

"I know a few engineers that are actually drooling over the latest MacBooks and did express interest in Linux on M1.

I am not one of them, but yes, there is definite interest." - interesting.

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