Linux 6.8 on Zorin?

Hi i looking at linux 6.8 generic and wondering if i could upgrade my kernel without breaking Zorin 17.1 Pro?

You could if you want. The Question is: Do You need it? When You have somme Hardware Issues it could be an Option to use a newer Kernel but when your System runs all is good.

If You want do it I would say that the Mainline Program would be nice because You have a graphical Interface to install Kernels and see previous ones.

I was just asking for knowledge sake. Thanks.

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You can always try it out in a virtual machine first. If something breaks, no harm is done.

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Yea i was brave and tried it just so i can see wassup with it and it broke my zorin haha i guess i asked for that one. I'm on Ubuntu Budgie at moment. Like i wasnt asking cuz was a wise idea i was asking cuz I'm dang curioous and gotta try things lol

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