Linux-Assistant App


Just came across this:

What do you people think about it?
Irrelevant, useful?


Ah, Linux Guides! Nice to see that it is landing here. To hear him in English is a little weird, hahaha!

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My only concern was the inclusion of WPS-Office - I read a thread on their forum once by a Chinese user, the post was in English, and they said they were no longer going to use the Linux version as it was closed source. What I find interesting is that Antix in it's Software options offers the FreeOffice of SoftMaker Office which to me is still the best suite for MS compatibility. I would also like it to have more security functions like Pear Security Centre had in PearOS, both Anti-Virus and RootKit scanners.


He has a heavy German accent LoL

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I only use Libbreoffice.

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He is a German so it fits, haha! But he make good Videos. Because one of his Videos I came to Zorin.

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