Linux formatted NTFS not recognized by Windows

I was in the process of making a new backup SSD to replace the one that was killed :skull: by a faulty PCIe USB 3.0 expansion card.

I formatted a brand new SSD using Disks (NTFS format) and copied about 60GB of files on it. But when I connected this SSD in Windows VM as I always do, the disk appeared unformatted and empty :scream:

I reformatted the disk in question and now in the process of copying data on it one more time in Windows VM :frowning:

Nothing is lost other than my time, but I am very puzzled why disk formatted as NTFS by Linux is not recognized in Windows?

If anyone has any idea/suggestion/hint/speculation/opinion, I'd love to hear.

I just realized that it was my first time using Disks to format SSD to be used in Windows OS. I always use Gparted and never experience such problem. At least I know how to avoid the issue in future, but still do not understand why the disk was not recognized in Windows.

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No, it still does not work. Gparted formatted NTFS disk is also not recognized in Windows.

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At least a similar thing happened to this Mint 20 user: [SOLVED?!]LM20 files on NTFS disk not seen in Windows 10 - Linux Mint Forums

I still see the external 2 TB drive but NONE of the files are visible and if a directory was created in Linux it may be seen in Windows 10 but it states that the directory is empty.

I always use EXT4 for Linux and use NTFS for Windows. I rarely see NTFS used on Linux (or maybe I don't know).

My use case is a little more complicated.

I am using Windows VM installed on Linux. This backup drive is shared between host Linux and guest Windows.

I have been using this configuration for more than 5 years and this is the first time I see Linux formatted drive not recognized by VM Windows.

If you need to share files between Linux and Windows, your best option is to setup a Linux NAS with a Samba network shared drive. Only format NTFS in/from Windows and mount the share from the Windows side.