Linux Kernel 5.19.12 causing LCD issues

Maybe old news but thought I would bring it up here, just in case the lads in the home office had not see this.


Kernel / Laptop LCD Issue?

How often it is that we cover on this forum that running toward the Latest and Greatest can be harmful.
Stability and well-tested is a better way to go.

After looking at some logs we do end up with potentially bogus panel power sequencing delays, which may harm the LCD panel.
Greg, I recommend immediate revert of this stuff, and new stable release ASAP. Plus a recommendation that no one using laptops with Intel GPUs run 5.19.12.

I would prefer to see greater clarity, as many people may wonder if all versions of 5.19 are suspect. Or just the 5.19.12.

@Lou , you can tag AZorin and zorink with the @ sign in order to draw their attention to something or to helpful feedback.


Complete agreement!


And right in the article: Stable kernel lead Greg Kroah-Hartman has already released kernel 5.19.13, which fixes the issue.

So it really is a non-issue as it was already fixed.

Say it again please...Say it often and say it loudly!

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Maybe on forum put some topic what not doing to risk hardware.
I know i put that in linux news or some viruses topic.
Before doing something better asking.