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I heard Fedora take off some codecs and POP OS isn't LTS.
Stadia R.I.P

Kernel 5.19.12 damage laptop screen.

History about Zorin brothers.

"We will not be taking the Unity or GNOME Shell path, to the relief of our users. " - that is true?

For full context:

We plan to release Zorin OS 6 after a year of development in May 2012. This will bring many drastic updates and improvements. We will not be taking the Unity or GNOME Shell path, to the relief of our users. Instead, we will be using our own desktop environment called β€œZorin Desktop” which will continue to deliver our promise of a familiar interface to new Linux users. We will be using AWN as our panel

They were discussing Zorin OS 6... this was back when Canonicals Unity Desktop was a contentious issue.
What Gnome was doing was known back then and just as unpopular and unwanted back then.
But since the Gnome Foundation was in someone other than our pockets, they never bothered listening to the users and the users just got used to accepting the Gnome Desktop changes whether they liked them or not.

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Titus Tech Live Stream -now.

I guess that's why Mint decided to use the MATE DE in 2012?

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For me Gnome is something like this on windows GitHub - Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu: Classic Shell Reborn.
I remember when using that eating more ram and everything run slowly.
That what I wondering what is it gnome.

From this movie i can sayed linux is more popular.

Google news Linux wrote in rust.

Windows 95 on Linux.

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What that means?

Yes i found a win 10 , Windows were getting to controlling.
Win 11 as you know, is 10 x worse ( Big Brother)
^^ ^^ only allowing app's THEY want you to use.
I will NEVER home AI like Siri, etc.
Hence why i changed to ZorinOS :wink: