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Good evening .....not certain if this is the most appropriate place to post some of my experiences of switching over to Linux from Microsoft Windows but I would like to share some of my thoughts with anyone contemplating trying to escape from Windows ..........!

I first started to become aware that Windows 98 was very flaky and unreliable so I d/l Red Hat 7 and then experimented with many other Linux Distributions over the years ................................after many years of "using" Linux ..I have now settled on Zorin which in its professional version offers the best Linux experience I have discovered so far and is very easy to use if you are migrating from Microsoft Windows .

My primary requirement now (at the age of 76) is a rock solid system that I can rely on with no need to install additional anti-virus software as Linux is very secure, !

Hope this helps ....


Welcome to Linux/Zorin! Linux is no more secure than any other operating system. Don't get lulled into a false sense of security because you are using Linux. With Linux, like in any other operating system, you have to use best practices to prevent getting a virus. That means being wary of unknown links, emailers, and storage devices to name a few. The reason Linux overall might be less prone to viruses is because Linux is a smaller target at about 2-3% market share for PC desktop/laptop use. Therefore, virus developers see Linux as a small target versus Windows at about 70% or more market share. Some call it "security through obscurity" which has some merit but not entirely a security feature. Zorin is fantastic and I use it all the time along with Mint's Ubuntu and Debian version of Cinnamon. I always experiment with other distributions but the distributions I consider most reliable are Zorin and Mint. MX Linux is good too but Mint and Zorin have not let me down and they have an upgrade tool/path which MX Linux does not have for now. Again - welcome to Linux/Zorin. :v:

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Thank you c141ZorinOS ,yes I completely understand and agree with all your observations but as Linux is regarded as a relatively small target for unwanted intrusions that in itself makes the case for the user like me to feel just a little bit more confident .Although there are many options for enabling a firewall etc... I have never enabled any of these in over twenty years of using Linux. I have never been hacked or had the OS compromised in any way ..I have used online banking and carried out share transactions without any issues !
I would not be able to feel that level of confidence using my previous experience of using Microsoft`s Windows OS at the time around 1998 W98.. !

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Cool. Very nice. I too have not been hacked on Windows 10, 11, and all the Linux distributions I use. Best security practices go a long way towards using any OS. Welcome to Zorin/Linux. :+1:

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