Linux peripherals hardware

Hello all.
I updated my peripherals hardware to linux - I hope they will working.

  • Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
  • Black,Logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse - Gaming mus
  • Optisk,HyperX QuadCast S microphone
  • Corsair K63 keyboard

Get them all attached, and if keyboard works, post back results of:


They are ordered today.
In my city i am happy i don't need order a food with post office.
I am like on desert island. :slight_smile:

This should work as Logitech has a download that you can use to make peripherals work with Linux unless of coarse the mouse is to new ..... if I remember right when I was searching for gaming mice months ago I found that both Logitech and Corsair had good support for Linux ....

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Yes. That is true logitech and corsair working with linux.
I saw it was on list compatibility with MacOS this is unix then propably will working.
I don't know how long I must waiting for filters from amazon.
The time is like they comes from "myfriend". (popular aliexpress online shop)