Linuxfx for win11 lovers

Well, I test drive windowsfx ( win11). It is still in development and quite a few bugs. The distro imitating win11 look - not too bad.

I looked at the earliest release and didn't like it.
I think windowsfx 10 was better and had more applications. Can't be updated as it needs latest Mint to be installed! I need to look at a different OS with education apps for eldest - now that the SSD has been taken out of the notebook that ran badly with Zorin Education, is now running Windows 11 as their Windows 8.1 was out of support and need Windows for work reasons (sadly!). Thinking of MX-Linux 21.3 KDE (Plasma) edition.

tiny11 looks OK

I look into and that version is Beta. They took out too much. I got copy of tiny11 where everything works fine. Got it running in vmware.

it's bad idea, what i will earn if i get the appearance of windows 11, we need to the functionality of windows in running important apps for us for example :fortnite game, until now we can't run it without problem in Linux

i have tried the first release of it, it's lite than windows11, but it's still not stable at all, and sometimes i get problem and crashing with it, i don't try that release, but i feel it's not stable, i wish if microsoft return windows7 for old pc in official way and with some modern updates

From the official source you get limited features after a free trial.

A bit like Windows 11 - you can't add widgets to the desktop unless you sign in with a Microsoft Account! LOL!

On a side note found an interesting spin on Windows on the old software repository at internet archive:

I gave it a spin some months ago for grins and your constantly pushed to buy the full version. A really bad Linux experience. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Well there is a bit of a give away in the installation as they tout their electronic business interests of monitoring cars etc., etc. The only 'free' one was Linuxfx 10 which had free in the title but no longer on sourceforge or their site.

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