List of Zorin compatible Wireless adapters

After finding an out of date Unbutu listing,
Has a list of Zorin 16 (Pro) "out-of-the-box" compatible Wireless adapters been assembled? (This could be a poll of Zorin users.)
Of particular interest, for me, is PCI (NOT PCIe) wireless adapters.

ASUS WL-138gEV2 (PCI)... no dice
tp-link TL-WN722N (USB) very,very sluggish/unstable
tp-link TL-WN823N (USB) - enclosed disk driver file for "linux": readme.txt; "log onto"... Genius. downloaded .zip file useless.

Hoping to find "plug-and-play", rather than plug and pray of the 90's.
Also hoping to dispense with the DOS command prompt like systems of the days of yore.
thanks all,

Wow! thanks for quick reply!

Opened "terminal" (vaguely reminiscent of DOS command prompt)
entered: "sudo -E -all -upload"...
appeared: "john@john -ThinkCentre -M82: ~$"
more DOS command prompt-looking stuff...

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Part of the trouble is:
It would be a long list. A Very Long List.

It would be far easier to list out the adapters that do not work with Linux than those that do.

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With nearly 50 years of PC/Computer usage, that traces back to Time-shared, acoustic coupler - telephone Western Union teletype machines, punched paper tape GW BASIC programming, I by no means consider myself a computer guru.
One might hope that, lacking a history of plodding through DOS Command Prompt nightmares, as well as the looming mass exodus from Microsoft (as MS has decided to "brick" the vast majority of machines online, with the advent of Win11) The Zorin group(s) could simplify the transition; sans DOS Command Prompt (nka "terminal"/"console"). fwiw, My Lenovo M82 was not LAN connected to the internet when installing Zorin. However, my Thinkpad T430, with WiFi only, connection, loaded flawlessly!! (the "WPS" button was also very helpful) Perhaps, with everything (hardware) connected, LAN also, will re-install Zorin to a new M82 HDD... see if that will automatically load everything needed.

An aside: over the years, I have tinkered with various iterations (aka "distros") of linux: ASD, Mint, etc.
Replacing The C:\ prompt with yet another "terminal" ("console"?) language is what killed the deal.
Thankfully, shoeboxes of floppy disks have been replaced with "burning" USB pendrive .iso systems
Alas, progress plods on; My Mercedes Diesel will soon become illegal... to be replaced with exploding, self-crashing EVs.

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