List the source of an application in the Software store

If I'm searching for software in the store, and the same software exists across multiple sources (e.g. Snap and Flatpak), they both get listed in the search results but there's nothing to indicate what the source is.

Of course, you get this information by clicking on the search result, and you can see it at the top of the page, but I feel like you shouldnt really have to go into the results. I think it would be useful to add this information to the search results screen, for example

This probably isnt the best place to put this information, but hopefully it gets the point across :slight_smile:


This has nothing to do with Zorin OS as they use Gnome Software Center. If you want your idea to come across you need to fill a bug report at Gnome.

But the latest version of Sofware Center in Gnome 42+ they have put them on all under one, so you have to choose which package to use when you click the app you want to install.

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Thanks for highlighting this. Having had a look at the Gnome Software Centre release notes, it seems like there's been a few changes to try and improve exactly this, which is promising.


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