listen to the microphone on the speakers

Configure through the gnome-shell extension, microphone lookback and it gives me the error when activating it "error loading extension". Is there any other way to hear the microphone on the speakers?

Configure mediante la extensión de gnome-shell, microphone lookback y me larga el error al activarla “error al cargar extensión”. Hay alguna otra forma de poder escuchar el micrófono en los parlantes?

Have you tried:


in the terminal and tinkering with the options?

yes, no result

And have you tried pulse audio control( sudo apt install pavucontrol )?
What are your computer specs?

without result

Okay, I need the name of your audio-card to see if I can find a solution.

try the gnome shell extension. It shows as activated, but I don't hear anything.

Question: It's only the microphone you can't hear in the speakers. The sound works on everything else?

sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base pulseaudio
sudo alsa force-reload

You may find something useful here:

no result.

yes, the music is heard on the speakers and if I do a voice search it works. So the only thing I can't do is make the microphone sound through the speakers.

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Scotty had the same trouble. He was forced to accept defeat and just use the keyboard. :joy:

May I ask what type of microphone it is? If it's a condenser microphone, it will be using 48 volt phantom power, which means a USB audio adapter might be needed.

Most onboard audio in computers can't process 48v phantom power. Also, make sure your mic is on. Also try unplugging it, and replugging it in.

Good luck!

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