Live OS with persistent option

Hi all, I actually work on a desktop and a laptop when I go to outside meeting. I use Zorin side by side with Win on my Desktop with multiboot.

I'm looking for a solution to have my settings/apps an Docs always under my hand so i think about live install on an external usb3 drive. Can I make this with Zorin with persistent mode (I remember that was not possible in the past) ?

Paradise will be a live OS with persistant mode on a partition and a second partition with my docs usable on Linux as Windows

Or should I use a virtualbox solution (pretty slower...) ?

Any idea/experience will be helpfull.

Yes you can still create a Zorin Live on a USB drive with persistence. I find unetbootin tool is easy to use for that purpose. However, running Zorin from a USB device can be extremely slow, as the USB port is a bottleneck.

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I also recommend you to take a look at Tails OS. It is an incredibly secure and privacy oriented OS. Out of the box, it is designed to be ran of live USB with persistent storage. It is also very fast because it runs on the computer ram.
It is worth looking into.

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Thank you for your answer. Gonna try to give antother chance to unetbootin. About tails, I know it but never really play with it ..