Live Wallpapers With Komorebi APP!

Get Komorebi at the link bellow...

Click the download link on that page, download the DEB file, which is only for 64-bit processors. As this APP is still in the development stage, 32-bit support will come later.

NOTE: The latest version of Komorebi auto installs itself in your startup APPS as well. If you would prefer Komorebi to NOT automatically start after logging into your OS, click the :zorin: icon bottom left of your screen, type startup, then click on startup apps.

Scroll through the list to find Komorebi, click on it, and delete from the list, simple. Now it will only start, when you manually activate the APP.

Once Komorebi is launched, it will run its default wallpaper, to change wallpapers, right click the desktop, and click change wallpaper.

To change Komorebi run preferences, right click the desktop, and click desktop preferences.

According to ItsFoss, they claim that new LIVE wallpapers can be installed into Komobrei, but I haven't gotten that far yet. But, this just shows that Komorebi does work for me, and it was very easy to install and setup in regards to that.


I still prefer my version of installing Live wallpaper. Komorebi havn't been touch by it's developer since Jul 29, 2018 and are more cumbersome.


Thats great if your method works, which it did for you, so mighty good for you. But I tried your method, it didn't work for me. And as a result, it got me down on a path to finding this.

Its developer hasn't twiddled and fiddled his fingers within his lines of code since 2018? Well, its Linux, open source, thats not a problem. You know how it is. Any developer who is competent at coding, can pick up the OP's Komorebi, and develop it further.

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I am the opposite. I tried Komorebi and it uhh... let's just say I did not like any part of the experience. It was like wearing a straight jacket.
I find Storms method to be simple, easily modified or configured and it works every single time.
It is good that you provide options, as diversity and being different is a great part of Linux. Just because I prefer a method doesn't mean everyone else should, too.

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