Lm-sensors and fancontrol

I followed a link by Aravisian to install lm-sensors and fan control. When I followed the link, I got sensors-unity. So I gave that a shot. While it found all of my sensors it only detected one of 5 fans so I removed it. I can install lm-sensors from Muon Package Manager or hunt for it somewhere else but I thought it would be best to see if the name changed or something similar. Then, I need to get it to read all the fans. Input will be appreciated, even if it is jeers or pies thrown (I prefer pecan pies). Merry Christmas

I love this.

I'm confused.
I'd have to see the link...
When I seek lm-sensors, it shows right up:

LoL, I'm still at the "I haven't a clue what I'm doing stage on Zorin" combined with "I've been using Windows so long I've forgotten how to think". I was looking for an installer, using terminal is just not how I think, yet. So when I followed the link and it went to the Snap site and I typed in lm-sensors, it gave me sensor-unity with install instructions, so I followed along, right off the cliff. I'll use terminal and see if I can get it working. Long long ago, I started with computers using MS-DOS, since then, I've been well trained to click on the pretty pictures and hope everything works. Thanks.

The sensor and fan control are all working now, of course, I have to figure out which sensor is which. I think I have to dig out the Gigabyte manual. But that's a problem for another day. I've done all the other rat killing, and should be ready to switch over from Windows 10 next week. Just got to figure out some RTD commands for Open Office Calc. Weeee! Merry Christmas Thanks again.


Well said. :wink:
Yes, the snap, even had it been the correct package, would not have helped you. Snaps are sandboxed away from the rest of the system.


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