Loading Zorin 16 pro , problems

I tried to install Zorin 16 pro, using the step by step instructions provided by337nharvey, dated 18 october 2021 on how to do the manual partitions.
The install crashed. I tried to go into Windows 10, but got this error message
"File:\windows\system32\winload.efi ! is corrupted .
I suspect that when I named a partition efi per the instructions is created a cconflicct for windows.
I just printed the instructions on manually partition the Drive to install Zorin, BUT
What do i do with the partions I put in place?
I need step by step instructions if you can ?
Thank you.

The EFI partition holds the Bootloader files for the Operating Systems you install.

Can you please clarify if you are looking to Dual Boot Windows OS and Zorin OS?
Or are you seeking to use only One OS?

Also, are you able to produce a Photo or Screenshot of the open Gparted app window so we can see your partitions?

Yes I'm trying to do a dual boot, keeping windows.
How do I take a screen shoot of the gpaarted screen?

First, you must repair your Windows EFI file:

You can do this in the LiveUSB of Zorin OS - Try Zorin - Launch gparted from app menu or terminal.
This can be done after repairing Windows EFI.

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