Lock screen "Activities icon" visible (Zorin OS 17 Pro)

Good day,

I have a small (nit picky) issue on the Zorin OS Pro regarding the lock screen.

Once locked, I have the "Activities" icon visible, which just looks out of place:

Is there a way to remove it? I would prefer it not show from "Built-in" system perspective.

I have used may different gnome extensions and customizations, which also did not work (I would also prefer, not to use them).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Welcome to the Forum!

Do You have this Problem after a Reboot? If You not tested that and it is a good Timing I would suggest to turn off Your PC and start him and look if it is still there.

The next Thing are the Gnome Extensions. Do you still have installed some Extensions that are used for the Activities Icon or the Top Bar?

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